Week 11-Waking Up

In the past couple weeks, I’ve been considering whether to change my DMP and PPN’s.  I’ve made the decision to do a rewrite.  It’s not that the outcomes are drastically different, but a fog has cleared and I am more present to what I truly want and why I want it.  The keys this week are a little off for me.  They smell too much like “prosperity gospel.” I understand the philosophy and the underlying truth resonates with me, but when Haanel writes of “those fortunate natures” in #21, he loses me.  I don’t know one person who fits that description.  I know people who work really hard to present themselves as effortlessly successful in all things and hide anything that falls short.  I know of organizations that promote the idea that if you always think and do the right thing, the difficulties of the weak and faithless won’t touch you.  This is spiritual elitism and it ignores the complexity of our interrelationship with each other, our ecosystems, and our planet.  I know that the ease and prosperity of my life is built on a foundation of exploitation and greed.  The land I live on is not my people’s land.  I am a citizen of a conquering nation. The clothes I wear, the gas in my car, the gold in my electronics are dripping in blood.  The prosperity of my home state of Minnesota is at the cost of the pollution of our land and rivers.  My county has had one of the highest cancer rates in the country due to our proximity to the Koch brothers refinery, 3M, and a nuclear plant.  There has been a generational wealth created for the people who benefited (and continue to benefit from these places) and a lot of them sit in church and thank God for blessing them and their children.  I don’t want to contribute to a culture that celebrates healing and success and diminishes the reality of those who are not finding the cure or the financial breakthrough they earnestly desire. We are not children. We can hold space for the complexity of cause and effect. That being said, there is also beauty in these words and I am practicing stating clearly “whatsoever things” I earnestly desire with confident expectation and firm demand. I just won’t do it with my eyes closed.


6 thoughts on “Week 11-Waking Up

  1. Getting your PPN’s correct is a big key to unlocking the heart felt desire. I’m sure you will use this to become a positive force in the world.


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