Week 16-Control

The last 6 months of my life have been an intense period of learning to take control over my thoughts and behaviors, as well as, learning to avoid or pass by those people who have a need to actively or passively control others. It hasn’t been an easy year by any stretch of the imagination, but I am putting together the pieces I’ve been collecting and I find that everything I need I’ve brought with me. Meditation is probably the most powerful tool in that arsenal and there has been a switch from avoiding this practice to craving the centered, powerful energy that comes through me when I sit and focus. My lifelong study of yoga is the secondary tool. Yoga is the process of aligning with that energy. Practicing the mental and physical discipline and removing the resistance so that the energy can flow freely. My diet also supports the process of connection as it affects my mental and physical health. Keeping my finances orderly and paying bills on-time reduces stress and confusion and promotes living in connection. Everything I can do to strengthen that connection allows the desires of my heart to manifest with ease and speed. This gives me hope and hope feeds the process of connection. When I experience difficulties and challenges, I remember that there are spiritual laws governing my experience and I turn my focus from the present difficulty to the principles at work. As I acknowledge these principals, my intuition becomes stronger and clearer. I’ve been aware of the concept of freedom through discipline, but I wasn’t ready to live it until now. I am very happy to be on this path and I have genuine excitement for the good things that are coming and, at the same time, are already here.


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