Week 17-Concentration

I have a very clear vision of the life I desire for my family and myself. This desire is not only infused with love, but soaked in it. Love is the reason for wanting it at all. Love for myself and my belief that I deserve loving good things for my own life has grounded this vision and made it more real than it has been in the past when I left myself out of the equation. All of my energy and attention is focused on the positive and I no longer allow any of it to be spent on situations that deplete my resources. I’m still focusing on my mental diet and I am more aware of the dampening of the flow when my thoughts turn to fruitless or negative things and quickly look for something positive to feed my spirit to keep my focus. My Franklin chart is telling me to focus on courage this week, but my spirit is telling me it’s time to focus on abundance. I have been focused on lack for too long now and it’s time to look for what I’ve blinded myself to. This week I will continue to welcome the intuitive visitor and allow them to open my eyes to the abundance all around me. I will also continue to clear the channels so that abundance can be distributed to me and those I love.


5 thoughts on “Week 17-Concentration

  1. Your progression seems to be really paying off! I can relate to your thoughts on abundance and I don’t believe we have to wait for the Franklin Makeover to get us into the “abundance mindset”. Bring it in now!! Great post! Thank you for sharing!

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