As I entered the cafe, I scanned the room for the woman I had planned to meet for this interview.  It appeared she hadn’t arrived yet, so I made myself comfortable and started looking over my notes.  Jodi had accomplished so much in the past ten years that I was eager to ask about the catalyst that sent her career into motion.  When I looked up from my notes, I saw a beautiful well dressed woman walking towards me with a friendly smile on her face.  She had a book in one hand and the other hand was extended for a handshake.  She introduced herself and settled in across the table from me.  She explained that she had just returned from a sailing trip in the Mediterranean.  She was the picture of health and seemed years younger than her actual age.  She was friendly and an easy conversationalist.  I asked about her family and she shared many of the interesting projects her children were involved in and her passion for supporting them in following their life purpose.  Jodi’s company was  birthed nearly ten years ago.  She started in her home state of Minnesota working with a local design and manufacturing company.  Her initial vision was to bring the tools and props of meditation into the homes of everyday people.  The goal was to take meditation from its perceived esoteric heights and encourage the practice as a part of the everyday routine of everyday people. You could practice in your home. You  didn’t need a church, temple, or studio to practice in.  Her belief was that meditation was a necessary part of being healthy and happy.  She started making meditation cushions that were beautiful and functional additions to modern homes.  The product lines grew and eventually she published her first book.  I asked Jodi to tell me about the philanthropy aspect of her business.  She talked about her belief that all people have dreams and goals for themselves and that her philanthropy is based on people’s ability, not their lack or scarcity.  She looks for opportunities to come alongside other people who want to accomplish their dreams and goals and looks for ways to empower them to do just that.  She has helped people start their own businesses and mentors them throughout this process.


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