Week 12-Fresh Eyes

There has been a good and difficult process taking place as I align with my purpose in life.  Understanding who I am and what I want in life is causing changes to manifest all around me.  My priorities are becoming crystal clear and my path is becoming easier to see. Unhealthy and inauthentic people are self selecting out of my life and I’m drawn to truly loving and supportive relationships with the people who really want good things for me. While these growing pains aren’t easy, they aren’t debilitating the way they could be if I wasn’t moving towards a free and vital life. My DMP is changing to align more clearly with my PPN’s.  It’s starting to look more cohesive and clear.  More like me.

I’m visiting my dad in Florida this week.  His eightieth birthday is in 2 days. It’s been a good respite from my daily responsibilities and an opportunity to reconnect with my family. I’ve realized how high my stress level has been and the warm sunny weather has been so rejuvenating to my spirit. I can see the simplicity and beauty in the keys for week 12 and feel closer to truly internalizing this knowledge. The past 12 weeks of this class have felt like treading water with ankle weights on. I’ve learned a lot about who and what I’ve been allowing to create drag in my life and I look forward to “walking unencumbered” through the remaining weeks.