Week 14-Sea Change

I like to read about great thinkers who have delved into the liminal space between the known and the unknown; science and faith; the seen and the unseen. There is great beauty in the ability to see and articulate that arcing spark of energy that ties everything together. Week fourteen lays out the pattern and the flow of the manifestation of that spark in a very palatable way. The next step in my understanding is the role of community (masterminding). Michael Polyani is a philosopher who writes about “tacit knowledge.” Knowledge born through/from our experiences in our unique contexts and the spontaneous occurrence of pieces of knowledge arising and coming together organically to solve/create. The health of our thinking is directly correlated to the health of our channel to the source of that spontaneous happening of inspiration and knowing. The health of the community and it’s ability to create is effected by the health of the individual. Discord does occur in nature. There is always an expression of the energy, but it is not always the beautiful harmonious expression. Sometimes the expression is deformed, incomplete, dissonant. The same is expressed in a community of individuals. This is a great responsibility. The quality of my thoughts/energy, whether harmonious or discordant, are traveling out from me in concentric circles of influence. They are the mechanism of manifestation; individually, locally, globally, universally. We are not islands. Our thoughts are not private. They are forming our cells, our society, our reality. We are part of the problem or part of the solution. It’s not our job to know the solution. It’s our job to think in harmony with the universal energy and then the solution will spontaneously appear.

There is a vast ocean between knowing something and KNOWING it. I feel like I’ve crossed that ocean.

Thank you.