Week 9- Just Imagine…

This week my mental diet created some major cravings for mean and nasty thoughts.  Life has a plentiful supply of challenges for me to show me exactly how toxic my mind is.  Old resentments, that I didn’t think I gave much attention to, have been a constant under the surface poisoning my mind like a slow underground leak of toxic chemicals into an aquifer.  I’ve given it thought, brought my mental awareness to it.  I visualized letting the hate out of my veins.  There is an endless supply, it doesn’t run out.  That’s how darkness works.  It’s voracious.

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”

I want to experience the connection.  There are moments of real happiness that are beginning to knit together into a better life.  My focus is getting stronger.  I’m not interested in situations that won’t bring me closer to truth.  I hear the discord in the words that aren’t grounded in truth.  Like a roller coaster pulling so hard to reach the apex, I feel closer and closer to the tipping point.  I’m nervous and excited for the rest of the wild ride.